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Transparent agile process

100% transparent processes established to enable longtime partnerships. You have live access to issue and time tracking tools. Staging servers allow you to see your product growing on every step of our agile process.

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Knowledge transfer

We work together with your team in order to improve quality and reduce time required to deliver your product to the market. You receive not only readable and complete documentation but also training and coaching in order to securely keep your core competences within your organization.

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Your dedicated team

For every project we exclusively assign a dedicated team of professionals. Team members are carefully trained to fully understand your business goals and prepared to work hand-in-hand with your in-house resources.

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"I really enjoy the cooperation with UX Dream! They are very devoted to what they do, always treat our exotic requests with respect being a full-fledged part of our team. Highly recommended!"
- CEO Slideworx


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Web and mobile development

Quality-driven software development outsourcing. Designers, engineers and quality assurance specialists ready to deliver your digital products. Thanks to mature agile processes and expertise in software engineering we offer you a reliable and scalable nearshoring solution.

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Prototypes and technical consulting

Do you have an early-stage idea or still need to work on the details? We will help you with customer validation and development of your product prototype.

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Data-driven applications

Put data to work for your business with user-oriented analytical web and mobile applications. Thanks to Machine Learning and Big Data technologies paired with beautiful User Interfaces and Data Visualization you and your clients will make the right decisions, faster. Acquiring talents and building an interdisciplinary team takes time. Our data visualization and engineering specialists are experienced with developing predictive analytics products and are ready to start a new project, now.

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Data Visualization

Understand your data faster and with deeper insight. Visualisations help to put data to work for your business.


Featured clients

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Success stories

Predictive analytics

Evaluation of new products made simple. Our Client wanted to change the way of how new products are introduced to the market by utilizing predictive analytics and machine learning techniques. Together with Client's data science team, we've created scalable web application which combined beautiful UI with power of advanced predictive modeling.


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Data reporting

Helping enterprises understand data. We have a pleasure to be a part of development team which is working on an innovative software platform for gathering, reporting and analyzing data. Client can stick to the release plan even when his in-house development capacity is lower than the constantly growing user demands. Instead of waiting for time-consuming recruitment processes to end, he reached for our experienced specialists.


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Global market

Smart data-driven tool for global market analysis. We've designed and implemented new user interface for the ambitious software as a service startup, which helps companies from around a world to take right decisions and expand their businesses.


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Image recognition in Python

Gathering data via existing CCTV infrastructure. Object detection and pattern recognition in video streams for market research purposes. We’ve used machine learning techniques combined with power of OpenCV library in order to help companies better understand their target customers.


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High quality software solutions

Best practices

Best development practices like Continuous Integration, Fork-and-Pull approach and Code Reviews are important part of our software engineering culture.


We believe Agile is not just a methodology or process but it is more about core values in the organization. We use Scrum and Extreme Programming techniques.

Quality assurance

Our testers are quality evangelists within product development teams. Thanks to our automated testing environment and mature QA we deliver reliable and scalable solutions.

Data security

We have experience in working with companies ranging from startups to big corporate brands. We are ready to work with your sensitive data and keep it secure.

User experience

UX Dream was founded by engineers and designers, together. Delivering the best user experience is part of our software house DNA.

Excellent communication

Our headquarters is located in the center of the European Union. Two hours drive from Berlin and Warsaw. No cultural barriers or time zone problems.


Each solution is precisely tailored to your needs. Our technology stack includes:

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